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Meeting With Mental Healthcare Workers in Machakos

Just returning from Machakos now the PSR Toolkit team is glad to report that we've had a busy but amazing day! Definitely one of the highlights of the trip here so far.
On Friday we met with some healthcare providers (psychiatric nurses and occupational therapists at Machakos Level 5 Hospital) who said that they wanted an education session from us about the Toolkit. After putting together an impromptu presentation we returned today to do some knowledge exchange. Some of the health care providers requested to learn more about psychiatric conditions, symptoms, and management. To help address this, we put together an overview of a wide array of mental health issues focusing on symptoms, causes, and treatment options. We were also able to give an overview of a number of the modules from the CREATE PSR Toolkit. Overall it was a very interactive and lively session with some very valuable input from the occupational therapists and psychiatric nurses in Machakos.
We are so grateful for this opportunity and want to thank all who attended for their interest and contributions!
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