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Point Tech Solutions Employees Receive first PSR Toolkit Session

This week the employees of Point Tech Solutions received their first Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) Toolkit session. The evidence-based PSR Toolkit consists of two main components – 1) psychoeducational materials for the most common mental and substance disorders, and 2) modules on various supports for self management (e.g., goal setting, wellness recovery plan, healthy living habits, crisis management, relapse prevention planning, skills for the workplace).

The Toolkit is delivered in a group format and is facilitated by trained mental health professionals and peers.  Each session is 1-2 hours long with a total of 10-12 sessions. Employees at Point Tech are paid to attend the PSR Toolkit sessions as we see the Toolkit playing a vital role in enhancing their functioning as employees and in promoting their overall wellness and health.  

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