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PSR Toolkit Implementation Study

In July and August 2018, Romaisa joined Global MINDS fellows in Nairobi, Kenya to work on the PSR Toolkit Implementation Study. Since 2015, the PSR Toolkit has been tested in various Kenyan settings such as Point Tech and Machakos Level 5 hospital, we have seen promising results in these settings thus far. However, it is not clear how the PSR Toolkit can and will be sustained locally in Kenya after initial research is complete. This study is guided by current literature in implementation science. Using focus groups, different stakeholders will be consulted regarding their needs, interest, readiness to engage with the Toolkit delivery and how it may be further adapted to the local setting. Additionally, we will consider how best to develop an ongoing evaluation process that could improve future applications.


During Romaisa’s visit in Kenya, she was able to recruit hospital/clinic service providers from Machakos level 5, community stakeholders such as mental health advocacy bodies, local chiefs/religious leaders, mental health care training administrators, NGO leaders, education directors and local business leaders. Additionally, she was also able to conduct preliminary interviews with local and national level Kenyan government officials.


Next steps:


Now that the study has received ethics approval from both Western University in London, Ontario and Maseno University in Kenya, we can proceed with the conducting the focus groups and interviews with the stakeholders.