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PSR Toolkit Team Heading Home

We spent the remaining part of last week (following our meeting with
Machakos health care professionals on Tuesday) putting together a final draft of
the Toolkit. We have completed 12 modules covering a wide variety of topics. On
Saturday, we had a focus group with individuals from Users and Survivors of
Psychiatry (USP) Kenya. We gained so much insight into the lived experiences of
people living with serious mental illness in Nairobi. We are so thankful for
their time and contribution. We'd like to thank Michael Njenga of USP Kenya
for arranging for us to meet with this great group.
Jessamyn, Regina, Ruth, Hastings, Varsha, and Joy on our last day in Machakos!
Yesterday (Monday), we ran a small focus group with people living with
serious mental illness in Machakos, held at Machakos Level 5 Hospital. With
their insight, we were able to develop and refine our toolkit even further. We
are hopeful that our toolkit will help people living with mental illness on
their journey towards recovery in this community. We also had the chance to meet
with our first two participants, Athman and Angelica, who were able to share
their own experiences with us. We thank them for their time and enthusiasm for
the project.
As we come to the end of our visit here in Kenya, we are so thankful for
all the people we have met over the past three weeks. Their insight, knowledge,
and enthusiasm for CREATE, has helped us develop and shape our toolkit. Our
hosts at AMHF, especially Ruth, have been so kind and generous with us. It is
with a bittersweet goodbye that we end our journey here in Kenya, and all of us
can say that we are more than grateful for this experience. We can't wait to
see how the toolkit unfolds!